Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sir John Kotelawala Blasts Communism at Bandung in 1955

There is another form of colonialism, however, about which many of us represented here are perhaps less clear in our mind and to which some of us perhaps would not agree to apply the term Colonialism at all. Think, for example, of those satellite states under Communist domination in Central and Eastern Europe-of Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, Albania, Czechoslovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland. Are not these colonies as much as any of the colonial territories of Africa and Asia are? And if we are united in our opposition to colonialism, should it not be our duty openly to declare our opposition to Soviet colonialism as much as to Western imperialism?

Taken from

Nissanka, H.S.S. Sri Lanka's Foreign Policy: A Study in Non-Alignment. Vikas Publishing House, India (1984).

For Details please go to Dissent at 1955 Bandung Conference

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